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The Obernewytyn Chronicles and Legendsong trilogy by Isobelle Carmody
This is a community where fans of author Isobelle Carmody can discuss her books - the Obernewtyn series, the Darksong trilogy, or any of the others...and also try and figure out things like where Gadfia is, or who the Destroyer is... or the D'rektor, or any of the fabulous characters running around being anti-Council and pro-Misfits.

Things to do:

REJOICE because THE STONE KEY IS OUT! And there is a cover image for THE SENDING in the back of it! And because ten years worth of book equates to 100 pages per year.

Talk about how hot Rushton and Swallow are.
You can also discuss her other books - like the Billy Thunder and the Nightgate trilogy, or any of her short stories.